Janet Reed…the L.A. Times’ top-notch investigative reporter.

Dale Rhodes…the biggest rock star in the world.

He hated reporters.  And he harbored a terrifying secret.

She despised rock n’ roll.  But, she smelled a story.  And her nose was never wrong.

It was a match made in hell!

Janet stared at his unzipped fly, and admired its contents.  She licked her lips.  Impressive.  But, this was an interview.  Strictly business.

She whispered, “Sorry, Dale…I mean, Mr. Rhodes.  I don’t do that.”

Dale smirked and said, “Baby, they all do it.  If they wanna talk to me.”—from Rock Charisma


A romance novel

By Joan P. Cooley


A Rock n’ Roll superstar with a terrifying secret falls for an investigative reporter too busy for love. 

Rock Charisma, the debut romance written by Joan P. Cooley, explores the rock music scene in a tale of love, passion, and redemption.  While conducting research for the novel, Miss Cooley enlisted the help of local radio station 99X, and she hung out backstage at various concerts in the Atlanta area.  Joan found the musicians that she encountered quite fascinating.

“Rock bands are an interesting study,” she notes.  “They really don’t want you around.  And they don’t like being watched backstage.  Especially, by a writer.  They’re wary.  So, it’s hard to get to know them.  But, it was well worth the effort.  They helped me get my rock star right.”

Joan P. Cooley resides in the Buckhead section of Atlanta, Georgia and is employed as a security contractor.  In addition, she accepts freelance copywriting/editing assignments.  She enjoys both jobs, but looks forward to making a living writing full time.  And of course, hanging out at even more concerts.   

The novel is now available at Amazon.com!  Stay tuned for more news about Rock Charisma.

Email:  Joan@RockCharisma.com  
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