Joan P. Cooley answers questions about Rock Charisma


What inspired you to write Rock Charisma?  Music is my muse.  And that’s what inspired me to write Rock Charisma.  I’ve always loved rock music…especially alternative rock.  And I was curious.  I wondered what the guys in those bands were really like.  So, I decided to check them out and write a book about it.  I don’t have to wonder what they’re like any more.  Now…I know.

So, what is a rock star really like?  They’re vicious.  And vulnerable at the same time.  Music is a tough business, after all.  Those guys have to be strong.  But, every Superman has his Kryptonite.  Dale Rhodes isn’t a very nice guy, until Janet Reed kisses the frog.

You mentioned that conducting research for the novel was difficult.  How so?  (Laughs)  Oh yeah…it was hard, alright.  Because, no one really wants you around.  In fact, some of the bands that I managed to get close to wouldn’t even speak to me.  They’d treat you like you’re nothing.  But, I just ignored that.  And I still had fun.  Plus, it’s not easy to get permission to go backstage.  I had to beg and beg for access.  Mike Kee, over at 99X, really helped me out.  Thanks, Mike…for being so patient with me, when I was getting on your nerves.

Can we look forward to more books by Joan P. Cooley?  Yes…definitely!  I intend to write a Rock Charisma series.  I’m working on the first sequel, right now.  Rock Charisma--The Talisman is coming along quite nicely.  And I’m truly grateful.  I have a blessed life.                       








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